Blue Merles

Towards the late 1980`s and early 1990`s the Blue Merles and Tricolours were declining at an alarming rate in the UK. Top quality Blue merle stud dogs of good colour were few and far between. Tricolour  was almost extinct and I believed a new line  needed to be introduced to save this colour and breed on some top quality Blue Merle Cardiganshire Corgis of the correct type. I was fortunate to have a quality bitch  "Gwenlais Asoka Heilyn", (Black and White, with Brindle points) and decided to go for Blues if possible. There were three lines I could go for, "Beckrow", "Gorthleck", and  "Rhiwelli".

Eddie Young, who owned the super Blue Male "Rhiwelli Tango",  was delighted I asked to use his line. There were many reasons why I decided on this dog, rather than on the top winning dog at the time,  Champion "Beckrow Blue Cedar", one I had awarded a Challenge Certificate to. Using "Tango" meant that I would be bringing the handsome male "Asoka Morgan" back into my line on both sides.  He was also the type I admired, and a good colour.  However he had rarely been used at stud outside the "Rhiwelli" line, and he had never been awarded a Challenge Certificate. This did not deter my decision.  I have always claimed that "Rhiwelli Tango" should have gained his crown easily and would have gained his crown had he been in other hands. The mating produced a super litter, of beautiful clear Blue puppies and Black and Whites with Brindle points. "Rhiwelli Tango", through the quality produced in this litter,  was awarded the Pedigree Chum and Our Dogs TOP SIRE award. "Gwenlais Asoka Heilyn", became Top Brood. "Gwenlais Idwina," presented by Sandra Muckle was awarded the Pedigree Chum and  Our Dogs Top Puppy Award and soon  won her Championship crown. "Gwenlais Idwin" and  "Gwenlais Idweno" were purchased by Phil Bitter and Helga VanVoorthuysen ,"Floatin" from Holland",  these soon became Champions and top producers for this prefix. "Gwenlais Idwal" stayed home with the "Gwenlais Mob", attended one Championship Show as a puppy when he won Best Puppy over his litter sister "Idwina". At a later date I decided I could not take "Champion Gwenlais Idwina" away from Sandra Muckle who had cared for her and presented her so well for us. Main decision had been made, "Idwina" was to be Sandra's Christmas present from Gwenlais. Next decision was "Champion Corben Tri Try Again"  should be her first mate. I had awarded this dog his first Challenge Certificate and BOB  and predicted he would do great things for our breed if used wisely. This  is the line behind  today's top winning Blues in the UK. Thank you for the interest shown in our "Gwenlais Mob", please continue to visit us.