The French Connection en route the Italian Job.

  On my first visit to the French National I met up with a charming Italian lady who had travelled over with her blue merle for my humble opinion on her dog. This dog had won and been awarded Excellent and was his Mums pride and joy until he came to France. I did not grade him excellent and his Mum was very disappointed. After judging she came and asked me my reasons for grading him so low. We had a long and interesting discussion and she listened intently. I felt so sad. Here was someone very keen on this side of dogdom, exhibiting dogs, and having fun but, her dog really was not good enough to match her enthusiasm. He was a wonderful character, very loving, and, yes, you could tell he was a Cardiganshire Corgi, but definitely not a “world beater.”
  I was invited back to judge the puppies and young stock, the following year. There is always a wonderful warm and happy atmosphere at this show and amongst the happy, smiling faces, I spied the lady from Italy. She now had another Cardiganshire Corgi at the other end of her lead. Yes, he was gorgeous, awarded  Excellent, but placed second. On the day he was over exuberant and carried his tail  a little too gaily. He did however win the award for the BEST HEAD on Cardiganshire Corgis at the National.
  After judging we chatted again and I gave her a few tips on  presenting and handling, and attempted to move him at a tidy pace where he kept his tail carriage correctly. I succeeded, although with one of my own I have failed miserably lately (VBG), had he moved in this way when I was judging him he would have won his class and been best young dog. She thanked me and promised to carry on with his training until the next show.
My third visit to the French National was reported on French Connections, and proof of my preaching  can be viewed by pressing Paste Board 2.
 CONGRATULATIONS  to his sporting owners  Mr. and Mme  Muzio,
 CONGRATULATIONS to his breeder Alain Thevenon.
 CONGRATULATIONS to his sire “Ch Magdor Sir Echo” and his dam “Ch Seren Las Gwenlais”.