The first doggy magazine I can ever recall reading, was the TAILWAGGER MAGAZINE, in the 40`S.It now seems that my parents must have been reading this magazine earlier as I have come across  some leaflets in the attic dated AUGUST 1934.Delighted to be able to say for once," even before my time". It was written by Dr Francis E Fox, who was President of the Welsh Corgi Association, as it was then known. He mentions that the CORGI was in olden times very well known in Wales, here he refers to the Cardiganhire Type. The word Corgi is now generally recognised to mean "small dog"-- the prefix COR having been traced in ancient Welsh literature to signify the diminutive. COR is also the Welsh name for COW STALL, and a few people still maintain that the Corgi derives its name from that association. I think I tend to agree. Often the word Corgi was applied in terms of disrespect to any objectionable farm dog, no matter what size. In the same sense as "little Cur" would be used in England. This may have originated from the fact that Corgis did not always behave nicely to strangers. It was traditionally known  that in the days when the Welsh  peasants were establishing themselves cheaply by squatting on the Crown lands, on the hillsides or the marshes of Cardiganshire and elsewhere, they the Corgis stood by their masters most loyally. Taffy they say, was a thief in those days) The Corgis were encouraged and trained to give effect to their natural instincts. The Cardiganshire Corgi was the one recognised as "Ci Sawdlwr",the heeler. His natural instinct being to drive away cattle and other animals and intruders, and unless retsrained, to nip them at the ankles. YOU CAN IMAGINE, THE TAX MAN WOULD NOT CALL VERY OFTEN.                                       
Mair and the GWENLAIS MOB.